Our Services

We offer services in handling shipping and transportation, customs clearance, warehouse management and purchase order, you just need to concentrate on your core business. All the tedious work are covered by us, to save your money and time!

International Shipping & Transportation

To meet the needs of international supply chain, you can find a variety range of international logistics and transportation services with us.

In our team, we have professionals who are experienced in global transportation, and they are capable to guide you along for all the international transportation problems. We are also specialised in services of commercial airlines, aircraft charter, sea and land transportation. As such, we can apply the best strategy to ensure the goods are delivered to customers on time.

Custom Clearance

Over the years, we also provide services in handling custom clearance. As a leading transportation agent, we will always get ourselves prepared to handle issues that are related to trade compliance by studying and understanding the relevant local laws and regulations. We will help to identify the needs of your business and providing the solution accordingly. By having us to help you take charge of transportation issues, it will never be an issue anymore.

With our in-depth knowledge and experience in this field, we are able to provide customers with custom-made solutions. This could effectively shorten the delivery process, in turns to optimize cash flow problems and helping in tariffs reduction to the greatest extent.

We have fully mastered this line of business and successfully simplified the process for our customers. You will no longer need to worry about these complicated and cumbersome procedures as being our customer.

Warehousing & Storage

Customers who are looking for quality warehousing services are the one we are always ready to serve. Our warehouse is equipped with facilities that can provide customers with the great convenience, such as local truck transportation, warehouse insurance, inventory records system and inventory management. Nonetheless, our warehouse also provides 24/7 CCTV with remote monitoring feature and other rigorous safety facilities. This is to ensure the safety of our warehouse and makes our customers to be rest assured on having us to handle their goods.

By having the knowledge and understanding of our customer’s business, we are able to provide a more flexible service package to suit the business needs. Customer can opt for long-term or short-term warehousing services based on their business nature.

Providing Sales Platform

Being shy to talk to a camera but still wanting to hold a live broadcast to sell goods online?
We hear you! No matter Facebook, Lazada or Shopee, we have a professional sales team who can help to set up and holding a live broadcast for you.
As a very first step, our sales team will understand the features and selling points of your products, so as to help you design the live broadcast and come out with the budgetary cost for your consideration. During the live broadcast, our sales team will help to monitor the traffic and following up the transaction records in real time. Our all-in-one services will save you from all the worries.

If you feel more comfortable with the traditional marketing and sales method, we can help to provide the services such as attaching your product leaflets or vouchers to those parcel that are ready to ship out from our warehouse or products that are being packaged in our warehouse.

We are committed to providing our customers with more diversified sales channels.

Pick and Pack

Once receiving customer’s order on behalf of the seller, we will pick and pack the goods that stored by the seller in our warehouse.

Our customised picking list used by our warehouse personnel can help to easily identify the correct location of the products and find out the exact quantity of it. After picking out the goods, we will provide customised packaging services based on the type, volume and quantity of goods for each and every order. In My Parcel Store, we have professional packaging team to ensure the quality of packaging is met.

Our services allow you to simplify the process of traditional delivery and packaging, thereby saving time and reducing the costs.

Order Delivery

My Parcel Store warehouse will arrange the order delivery to be on time. We have established a strong and dense delivery system with local logistics companies, to ensure that the delivery process is foolproof. We also provide delivery service for customers who have met a minimum amount of goods delivery.

All the orders can be submitted to our website in anytime. Once our warehouse system receives the order, we can arrange the same-day shipping to the customer within the valid time frame. Furthermore, we also provide return and exchange services to make sure the right products are being handed over to the customers.